Buy High Quality Facebook Likes

Every day, hundreds of businesses and indivduals alike purchase Facebook Likes to kickstart growth on their page. This strategy is perhaps one of the fastest methods for guaranteed page growth, with plenty of additional benefits included. In this short article, we will be explaining the perks of purchasing Facebook Likes, as well as what makes them ‘High Quality’.


High Quality Facebook Likes


High quality Facebook likes are from account that have pictures, completed profiles and friends. These accounts are also verified, by either email or phone, to ensure that they will not dissapear or drop over time. Here at Like Grab, we use intensive advertising and networking to acquire your likes, unlike many other providers who use bots to flood your page with engagement. Having your likes added in legitimate ways will ensure that your likes are from real accounts, meaning nobody will ever be able to identify that you bought them. We have been used by hundreds of large companies across the world, who are very happy with the results we offer and continuously come back for more.


Increased Visibility for your Posts

Having high quality Likes from real accounts will help your posts to achieve a greater reach, which could potentially lead to more website traffic and brand awareness for your business. Also, the number of likes your page has is a huge ranking factor in terms of both Google and Facebook search, having more with further improve the visibility of your content. If your website is struggling with SEO, you could use Facebook to rank for your business name or chosen keywords, then direct people to your website through your Facebook page.


Cost Effective – Guaranteed Results

Buying Facebook Likes is far more cost effective than using other social media marketing campaigns, such as Facebook ads. in 2015, a blogger known as Binkies and Briefcases conducted an experiment based on Facebook advertisements – after spending hours on ad creation and $100 on advertising, the page only received a boost of 76 likes. While Facebook advertising can offer some benefits, it’s still a roll of the dice, whereas buying Facebook Likes will offer guaranteed results (at a much better price, too!).


Social Proof – Page Appearance

Social Proof in terms of social media, is when a page appears to be more professional or popular than it actually is, to generate organic growth. People visiting your page will see your large amount of likes and automatically associate your page with posting good, trustworthy content, subconsciously persuading them to like your page and engage with your content. Facebook Likes speak volumes about a business or organisation, with each like essentially representing a vote of confidence to potential customers. This marketing strategy is used by thousands of large companies worldwide, including some big names such as LinkedIn and GoPro!


In conclusion, you’ll have to make up your own mind as to whether purchasing Facebook Likes is the way to go for you. Always remember, buy Facebook Likes with a provider that does not need your password or any form of admin access – this will ensure your page remains 100% safe at all times. If you need any help with anything Facebook related, feel free to get in contact with our UK support team – we’re here to help!


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