Clash of the Social Titans

With so many social media websites available for your business, it’s important to be selective when investing your time and capital. While most businesses tend to have a presence on both Facebook and Twitter, we are here to help you make a decision on which you should prioritize. There is no set answer, as both social medias offer different benefits, which we will be explaining in this short article.


Facebook vs Twitter for Business


In total, Facebook has over double the users of Twitter (1.9 billlion Facebook users to 500 million on Twitter), with Facebook also leading in terms of active users. Juding by these statistics, you will be able to reach a much large audience on Facebook, which is particularly useful for selling online. If you’re trying to reach customers by location, Facebook is also dominant here, as search results are automatically filtered by location if a user is looking for a business or service.


Indexing – Indexing is essentially when Google, or any other search engine includes your website link into their results, meaning it will be visible when certain phrases are searched for. Both Twitter and Facebook offer power in terms of indexing your links, but we feel like Facebook is slightly more dominant here too. Posting your link on a page that you own is far more likely to increase the speed a which your website is crawled, meaning it can be placed in search results faster. Twitter allows your actual tweets to be visible in search results, which is still a positive aspect, but will make it much harder for you to generate visits on your ‘money’ site, as people clicking on the link will go to Twitter and not your actual website.

Rankings – Ranking for your brand is incredibly important for all businesses, which is a problem if there is a larger business with the same name as yours. Both Facebook and Twitter are great ways of ranking higher than your competitors, even if they have a better structured and ranking website than yours. Making a Facebook page and getting a lot of likes will help you to rank higher, due to the trust and authority rating of Facebook. The same principles can also be applied to Twitter.


Obviously both Facebook and Twitter offer ways for business owners to interact with their customer base, allowing them to build a buyer-sell relationship. However, Twitter seems to be much more preferred by the wider world. After researching a few businesses, we found that on a weekly basis, the Twitter profile of the company will get at least double the amount of enquiries when compared to the Facebook page (We monitored @NationalRailEnq and @BTCare, alongside their respective Facebook pages). Why? The main reason why we assume Twitter is more useful in terms of interaction, is the speed and ease to read. On Twitter, your response has to be less than 140 characters long, ensuring businesses have to cut straight to the point. Also, you can chose to follow other users on Twitter, which will again leave a greater relationship between your business and potential buyers.


After reading this article, you should have enough information to evaluate where you should be spending the largest majority of your time and budget in terms of social media. If you’re looking for the largest possible reach for your posts, while increasing your search rankings, Facebook is probably the way to go. However, Twitter is perfect for creating strong buyer-seller relationships, which will lead to repeat business. If you decide Facebook is the way for you, Buy Facebook page Likes here at LikeGrab to kick start natural growth!


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