How to make the most out of your Facebook page


You’ve set up a Facebook page for your business, but you’ve seen no results so far? We’ve got you covered. In this article we will be explaining how you can benefit the most from your Facebook fan page. This will probably be mostly of use to business owners, who are looking to generate more sales or visitors to their ‘money site’, but can still apply to individuals who want more likes, or more Followers on their other social medias.  Check out our top tips:

  • Create a Call to Action:

Within the last year, Facebook has added an incredibly useful tool to Facebook fan pages, the ‘Call to Action’ button. This is perhaps the best way to get visitors from your page to your money site so it’s important that you use it correctly. I would recommend linking the button to your websites homepage, not a specific page. The reason for this being, that it allows users to see everything your business has to offer. Them clicking through to another page will also help you increase your websites stats and retention time, which will benefit you in terms of search engine order.

  • Use Pictures:

Posting a picture with every post will increase the visibility of your posts. Usually when people scroll down their newsfeed, they will not read large amounts of text but will quickly skim over the picture. If the user likes what they see on the picture, they are likely to then read the text above it. The trick here is to make a visually appealing picture, with information about your post included in bullet point form.

  •  Post Regularly:

Now that you are starting to get an interactive base of fans on your page, you don’t want to lose them. Posting at least once a day is the best practice when it comes to staying active on Facebook. This will prevent people from losing interest in what your page has to offer, but will also increase interactivity which in turn will increase growth further. Scheduling posts is also a very useful feature that you could consider using if you are someone who forgets easily.

  • Be Interactive:

Always make sure you allocate a bit of time to respond to comments and messages that your page may get. A few minutes a day replying to these comments is more than enough and will significantly benefit you and your page. If a fan of your page gets a response, they are likely to remain loyal to you. This could benefit you in many ways, one of them being the, preferring your product over others or they share your page with their friends. Making a bond between your page and your fans is very important and as mentioned, has an unlimited amount of benefits.


There you have it, 4 incredibly simple, free and easy methods to grow your Facebook page overnight. Try using these methods for a week and if they work for you, set aside some time in your day to keep on top of them. Social Media is the future for online marketing – so building yourself a presence on Facebook now could be a great investment which will aid you greatly in the future.




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