Want more Facebook Likes for your page but don’t have a budget to be able to purchase them? LikeGrab has got you covered – we don’t just want to sell our services, we want to help our users to grow their Facebook page as much as possible. This article is perfect for any individual or business that wants to increase their social media presence.

how to get more facebook page likes for free

Be Active
Activity is a large part of being popular on any Social Media, while this may not seem like the easiest or most fun thing in the world, posting regularly to your page will help your chances of growth majorly. Being active on your page will also stop a large amount of people from unliking it, keeping your numbers high.

Comment on other Pages
A lot of people do not know this, but you can actually post on other Facebook pages using your own. To do this, simply click next to your profile picture in the comment section and select the page that you want to post as. Posting on pages similar to yours will help people who are interested in your niche to potentially come across and check out your page, which will increase your exposure and like total in time.

Share good content
If you see a good post from another page in your niche, share it. Not only will this benefit your fans as they are being given some new, quality content to endorse in but it will also help your growth if that pages owner notices the share and returns the favour. You could even contact the page in advance and mention how you like their content and are interested in sharing it, would they do the same? This is probably the fastest, and easiest, way to grow your Facebook page.

Add pictures to your posts
When you’re scrolling down your Facebook timeline, what do you notice the most? Most users scroll past the sea of text, but will pause slightly for a second to evaluate a picture. If this picture is of interest to the user, they are likely to read the text allocated to it (and visit the link if you choose to include on).

If someone comments on your page, reply to the comment. This will work much better as your page starts to grow as users will feel privileged that they are being giving the opportunity to interact with a popular page. This will mean more people comment on your posts and pictures, which will in turn dramatically increase the exposure you receive.

Always remember: As with anything, the first few steps are the hardest. Getting your first hundred likes will be the toughest step on your journey to Facebook fame, but the larger your page grows, the easier the growing process becomes. Got any questions about growing your page? Feel free to contact us.




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