Does Facebook have an affect on Search Rankings?

Most business owners have a presence for their company on Facebook, which comes with a number of benefits: but can it help to boost your website’s search ranking? In this short article, we will be covering the links between Facebook and SEO, while showing you how to maximize the effects for yourself!


Facebook and SEO

Here are the ways that Facebook can influence search engine results:



By incorporating links to your website throughout your Facebook posts, you send some serious traffic to your website. Receiving visits from Facebook is the perfect way to acquire targeted traffic, which has a number of advantages. If your site is selling a product or service, there is a chance that these visitors will make a purchase or enquire about your product. Also, the visitor has clicked through to your website for a reason, meaning they are interested in the niche your website occupies – This usually leads to the user viewing numeral pages or posts, which will have a positive effect on the bounce rate and visit duration of your website.


Crawl Rate

As a general rule: the more places your links appear in: the faster your website will be crawled. Using Facebook to display and share new blog posts will ensure they are crawled faster by ‘Googlebots’ and other search engine crawlers. The benefit here is that your website will be indexed into searches faster, leading to a possible increase in traffic and ranking boost. Increasing search rankings for any website is a time consuming process, so the sooner you can get your pages indexed, the sooner you can start focusing on other ranking factors.


Rank for Keywords

As Facebook is an INCREDIBLY powerful website, it goes without saying that it will rank very highly in search engines. You can use this to your advantage by targeting either of these types of keywords: Brand Names (your company name or product name) or long tail keywords. Unfortunately, you cannot use Facebook to rank for highly competitive keywords because it would simply be unfair. If this was the case, Facebook would be within the top 3 results for practically every search term. We would recommend targeting a long tail keyword that is relevant to your business – Make a page for your chosen phrase and post links to new offers and blog articles on it regularly. That way, anyone that stumbles across your page will probably make their way to your website.


Can you get Backlinks from Facebook?

In short yes, but they won’t have a huge impact on your rankings. Any backlink you receive from Facebook will be a ‘No Follow’ one – meaning the ‘juice’ from Facebook will not be passed over to your website (In short, it will not impact your search rankings). There have been countless attempts from SEO experts worldwide where they have been trying to find a way to receive a ‘Do Follow’ link from Facebook however none of them work as intended. Facebook is good however for creating ‘Social Signals’ surrounding your website, which will make your other link building practices appear far more natural.


There you have it, the ins and outs of Facebook in regard to SEO. There isn’t really a whole lot more to cover in this topic and the above points are the main areas on consideration. When using Facebook alongside your website remember: Do not post too much to the point it becomes unnatural – This can lead to your page receiving a suspension which obviously looks incredibly bad on your business. Have fun with Facebook and try different strategies until you find one that works for you. Stay social.


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