What you shouldn’t be posting on Facebook

Facebook is a bit of fun for most people, offering them a way to express their feelings and opinions to their friends and family. However, it can be a lot more than that, with some statuses having serious implications on the person who posted it. In this short article, we will be explaining the main things that you should avoid posting on Facebook.


dont post on Facebook


Personal Information – Goes without saying right? Some people continue to post very sensitive information about themselves on the internet, without realising how it could be used and manipulated by someone with bad intentions. When we say ‘personal information’ we are referring to things such as your drivers license, passport, address and anything similar. You should also be super careful about answering certain questions, such as ‘What is your mothers maiden name?’ which are commonly used as security questions online. If someone acquires this information, it is possible for them to access your accounts without the need for a password.

Work Related Chatter – So you’ve had a nice long talk at work about someone else and feel like you want to share your conversation with the rest of Facebook.. don’t. There are a few reasons for this, with the main one being that it won’t take long until the whole of your workplace knows the gossip, causing an uneasy atmosphere and just generally effecting your relationship with other works. Perhaps more importantly, if the gossip is about your boss and they find out, that’s more than enough reason for them to give you the sack. There have been countless examples of people being fired for what they’ve posted on Facebook, a young lady called Kimberly Swan was fired for simply calling her job boring!

Dates of Holidays – I understand that you want to brag about your vacation to your friends (who doesn’t?) but doing so can actually be a very idea. Within the past few years, thieves have relied on people posting their holiday times on social media, allowing them to know exactly when the house will be empty. Another thing you may want to avoid is posting exactly where you will be throughout the day, for the same reason as before and also to avoid stalkers (as far-fetched as it may sound).

Mean Comments or Statuses – You probably get told this alot, but posting mean comments online can harm you greatly throughout your life. Firstly, cyberbullying is being taken more seriously every day due to the increase use of the internet. There are many things that you can say online that will actually get you put in jail. Also, employers are beginning to look on the Facebook profiles of the candidates applying for a job – if they see anything racist, sexist or offensive in general then you can almost guarantee you won’t make the cut. We’re not saying you have to post solely about charity and puppies, just try thinking about how people may react to your status or comment.


That’s it! Apart from the obvious points such as not posting your password or bank details, we’ve covered pretty much everything you may subconsciously post on Facebook. If you have to think twice about what you’re posting, chances are you shouldn’t be – don’t just post things to get more likes on Facebook! We hope you have found this article helpful and use it to stay safe online.


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