How are Facebook Likes Delivered?

Recently, we have been receiving a lot of messages asking how we add our Facebook Likes, so we thought we would make a short article in response. We will be sharing the method we use to acquire Facebook Likes for our customers, aswell as how our service is different to other social media providers.


Buying Facebook Likes Works


You’ve probably heard that Facebook Likes are gained through bots or stolen accounts, which are programmed to like a page at the click of a button. This is true about a large majority of social media providers, however this method only works in the short run and eventually your likes will be removed by Facebook. So, what’s the alternative? Here at Like Grab, we use legitimate methods that consist of intense networking and advertising. Essentially, whenever an order is placed, we manually take your link and send it down our network alongside a brief description of your page, photo or website – If a member of the network feels like they are interested in your content, or are simply just feeling generous, they will head over and drop a like! We continue this process until you have received at least the amount of likes that you ordered.

There are plenty of benefits to buying High Quality Facebook Likes with us, with perhaps the most appealing being that your likes are permanent and will last a lifetime! As the accounts are all real and verified with either an email address of phone number, Facebook will never remove them. Also, having likes that have been acquired manually will help the reach of your page, photo or website – More people will see your content which could easily lead to more organic growth.

Currently, our network is over 1 Million members strong and is growing rapidly every day, this enables us to complete orders in just a few days with results typically appearing within 24 hours of purchase. We can deliver any amount of Likes upto one million, which is where our limit currently sits. If you require an amount of likes that we do not currently offer, feel free to contact us for custom pricing.

Are the Likes Active? You are very unlikely to receive further interaction from these profiles after delivery, simply due to the sheer amount of likes the accounts will have. They like an incredibly large amount of pages, meaning their timeline will be completely packed – This makes it very unlikely that your future posts will be visible to them.


There you have it, that’s how we add Facebook Likes for our customers! We manually complete all orders using legimate methods, eliminating the use of bots. Here at Like Grab, we have delivered over One Million Likes to customers all around the world and have worked for many large businesses and celebrities. Check out the packages available (from only £3.95) on our Buy Facebook Likes page and see the results for yourself! We look forward to working with you.

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